Ruoff Towers
Lancaster, PA

How do you renovate a high-rise apartment building while it is fully occupied by senior citizens? It takes a plan, a complex one – and clear communication channels with everyone involved. That means residents, building management, subcontractors and vendors. The ambitious renovation project of the 1978 building involved a complete change-out of kitchens, bath fixtures, carpet, windows and doors, plus repainting of all 155 one-bedroom units. One of the objectives was to minimize the amount of time residents were displaced from their apartments. The renovation tasks (tearing out the existing kitchen, installing a new one, etc.) were done in segments, requiring residents to only spend 3-5 hours at a time in the community room during each of the renovation stages. 

At the core of this complex rotation and work cycle were CH&E Project Superintendent Ken Kreider and Project Manager Tim Sherman. Architectural Concepts’ design focused on function and converting the aesthetic from institutional to that of a condo style. When the year-long project was complete, all of the apartments in the 10-story building were ADA compliant and 20 apartments offered full accessibility. The facility’s public spaces, including corridors, the community room and others were also remodeled. In addition to upgrades to the elevator and fire alarm systems, the building’s exterior underwent extensive repairs, including the brickwork and re-flashing.

Architect: Architectural Concepts - Exton, PA