The Parish of Saint Rocco
Avondale, PA

On August 16th, 2010, Mision Santa Maria, the religious home to thousands of local Mexican residents, broke ground on a new church. The church was named Saint Rocco, after the Catholic saint who is closely associated with the Mexican culture. Cardinal Justin Rigali was on hand for the ceremony, and offered a dedicatory speech in Spanish. The new building was constructed in a Mexican-style stucco with a bell tower. CH&E served as the general contractor for the project.

Project Highlights: 
- New single-story 10,500 sq ft Church and associated sitework
- Concrete slab-on-grade, load bearing concrete masonry walls, and a steel roof structure
- Building exterior consists of a water-managed EIFS system over CMU walls, with a pre-finished aluminum storefront system for openings
- Full mechanical, plumbing and electrical distribution

Architect: KCBA Architects - Hatfield, PA