CH&E began over thirty years ago as a general contracting and construction company, formed by three good friends: John Caldwell, Jack Heckles and Peter Egan. In 1985, the Lancaster-based company was incorporated. Today, CH&E has 70 full time employees--including our own crew of masons and finish carpenters, and a concrete crew.

The early roots of our firm were grounded in fine woodworking, and CH&E maintains a 4,000 sf architectural millwork shop at its Grofftown Road office complex. Finish carpenters, expert masons and cabinet makers are at the heart of our crew, which enables the firm to offer customized millwork and cabinets (such as those used in church and historic renovations) and keep our hallmark of fine craftmanship. These capabilities, along with our dedicated support staff, project managers and on-site superintendents, are what set us apart from our competitors.

With more than three decades of experience in the construction industry, we bring to the table more than just the technical expertise and management skills needed for a successful construction project.